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J 101
{Sutta: J i 410|J 101|J 101} {Vaṇṇanā: atta. J 101|atta. J 101}
Parosata-Jataka (Parosatajātakaṃ)
translated form Pali into English by
Robert Chalmers
edited by
E. B. Cowell
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Editor's note: Dear Visitors and Dhamma Friends,

Thanks the generosity of the Pali Text Society, we are glad to be able to provide the Jataka-Collection here as a gift of Dhamma (Info). Still there are works to do like cross-links, adding the numbers of verses... If you like to get involved to make more out of this gift, please feel invited and visit us on our working place or send us an email.



[§101] Far better than a hundred fools, though they Think hard a hundred years unceasingly, Is one who, hearing, straightway understands.

[411] This story is in all respects analogous to the Parosahassa-Jātaka (No. 99), with the sole difference that 'think hard' is read here.

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