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J 60
{Sutta: J i 283|J 060|J 060} {Vaṇṇanā: atta. J 060|atta. J 060}
Samkhadhamana-Jataka (Saṅkhadhamajātakaṃ)
translated form Pali into English by
Robert Chalmers
edited by
E. B. Cowell
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Editor's note: Dear Visitors and Dhamma Friends,

Thanks the generosity of the Pali Text Society, we are glad to be able to provide the Jataka-Collection here as a gift of Dhamma (Info). Still there are works to do like cross-links, adding the numbers of verses... If you like to get involved to make more out of this gift, please feel invited and visit us on our working place or send us an email.




"Go not too far."

--This story was told by the Master while at Jetavana, about another self-willed person.

Once on a time when Brahmadatta was reigning in Benares, the Bodhisatta came to life as a conch-blower, and went up to Benares with his father to a public festival. There he earned a great deal of money by his conch-blowing, and started for home again. On his way through a forest which was infested by robbers, he warned his father not to keep on blowing his conch; but the old man thought he knew better how to keep the robbers off, and blew away hard without a moment's pause. Accordingly, just as in the preceding story, the robbers returned and plundered the pair. And, as above, the Bodhisatta repeated this stanza:

[§60] Go not too far, but learn excess to shun; For over-blowing lost what blowing won.

His lesson ended, the Master shewed the connexion and identified the Birth by saying, "This self-willed Brother was the father of those days, and I myself his son."

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